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BBC News: Borneo man guilty of Britons' murder
Tuesday 31st March 2015
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Live BBC World News

Buhari 'ahead' in tight Nigeria poll

Nigeria's Muhammadu Buhari edges ahead of President Goodluck Jonathan in early election counts, though key states are yet to declare.

Iran nuclear talks enter final day

Intense negotiations over Iran's nuclear programme enter a final day in Switzerland, ahead of a deadline to reach a preliminary deal.

Indiana law 'grossly misconstrued'

The governor of the US state of Indiana strongly defends a contentious religious freedom law, amid a backlash from gay rights supporters.

One dead after shooting at NSA

Officials say two men dressed as women tried to break through a security gate to the National Security Agency headquarters.

Mexico anger over crocodile shooting

A police officer in Mexico is suspended after a video posted on YouTube shows a man in uniform killing a crocodile with a machine gun.

Indian monsoon's past analysed

Fossils from the ocean floor are yielding clues to the Indian monsoon millions of years ago.

Alps co-pilot 'had suicide treatment'

Co-pilot of crashed Germanwings jet, Andreas Lubitz, had treatment for suicidal tendencies before he gained his licence, investigators say.

Red Cross aid worker killed in Mali

A Red Cross employee has been killed and another injured in a gun attack by suspected Islamist militants in Mali, the aid organisation says.

BBC Sports News

Hamilton deal could be worth £27m

World champion Lewis Hamilton expects to sign a new Mercedes contract this week that could be worth more than £27m a year.

FA scraps plan for GB Olympic teams

Plans for Great Britain football teams to compete at the 2016 Olympics in Rio are scrapped by the Football Association.

VIDEO: England keeper involved in fracas

Man City's Karen Bardsley and Birmingham City's Freda Ayisi trade blows during Sunday's 0-0 draw in Women's Super League One.

Can wiser Watson win Masters again?

"I know what I need to do" - Bubba Watson is more relaxed as he defends a Masters title for the second time, writes Iain Carter.

North 'should not play this season'

Northampton and Wales wing George North should not play again this season, says ex-World Rugby medical adviser Dr Barry O'Driscoll.

Kane emergence excites me - Rooney

England captain Wayne Rooney says he is as excited as anyone about Harry Kane, who will make his full debut against Italy.

AskTen - Ten amazing things you may not have known last week

1. Bill Gates has been named the richest man in the world for the 16th time. In the annual ranking of global billionaires, the Microsoft founder beat Mexican businessman Carlos Slim to the top spot. Gates’ net worth rose by just over $3bn (£1.94bn) in the year to 13 February, to $79bn. There are now a record 1,826 billionaires in the world - an increase of 181 in the past 12 months. Forbes Magazine

2. British Airways has retained its title as the UK’s leading consumer ‘superbrand’. In an eye-catching installment of the annual ranking, several household names including Cadbury, Heinz and Marks & Spencer dropped out of the list of favourite brands. Meanwhile, the likes of John Lewis, Lego and Häagen-Dazs featured in the upper reaches of the grouping. The Guardian

3. The number of zero-hours contracts has increased from 1.4 million to 1.8 million, new figures have revealed. The new total for last August is 400,000 more than a previously published estimate in January 2014. The number of people saying they were employed on zero-hours contracts in their main job was 697,000 in the quarter to December, up from 586,000 in the same period in 2013. The figures mean some people are on more than one contract with no guarantee of a minimum number of hours. Office for National Statistics
4. Drinking up to five cups of coffee a day could help prevent heart disease, new research has found. A team of experts studied a group of more than 25,000 Korean men and women with an average age of 41. They had no previous signs of heart disease. Their coffee consumption was listed as none, less than one cup a day, one to three cups a day, three to five cups a day and five or more every day. The researchers discovered those who drank between three and five cups were less likely to show signs of heart disease. Daily Express

5. Drivers are to get ten minutes’ grace before being given a ticket if they stay too long on council parking spots. The changes in the law in England are expected to come in within weeks and will apply to all on-street and off-street council parking spots. Other measures in the Deregulation Bill include a right for residents and local firms to demand their council reviews parking in their area. CCTV camera cars that automatically issue parking fines are to be made illegal - apart from in areas near schools and in bus lanes. New York Times

6. More than half a million people are believed to have come to England from abroad over the past three years, according to Oxford University research. And two-thirds of the 565,000 migrants believed to have arrived between 2011 and 2014 are EU citizens, the study by the university’s Migration Observatory said. The estimated numbers were put together to provide an up-to-date idea of the migrant populations across England. They come in advance of official estimates from the Office for National Statistics, due in June. Daily Mail

7. Large firms will be forced to reveal details of the gap between how much they pay male and female employees after the government agreed to implement the measure. The Liberal Democrats had been pushing for the policy in the face of Tory opposition, and Equalities Minister Jo Swinson said it was “fantastic news” that her party had won the “argument in government”. The measure will be added to legislation currently going through Parliament and will come into force within the next 12 months. Financial Times

8. Apple, Sony and HTC are among the most female-friendly employers in the technology industry, a report on gender equality has found. The study, published on the eve of International Women’s Day, saw Apple come out on top, with 28% of female staff holding senior positions. Among them are former Burberry chief executive Angela Ahrendts and Sue Wagner, founding partner and director of asset manager BlackRock. Daily Mail

9. As The U.S. puts its clocks forward - two weeks ahead of the UK - potentially dangerous consequences have been revealed by scientists. Sleep scientists say effects of the time shift can include a pernicious phenomenon known as “microsleeps,” or momentary losses of concentration at critical times. Susceptibility to “microsleeps” increases after the clocks change, resulting in a spike in car crashes, including fatal ones where alcohol is involved, as well an increase in workplace injuries. The Guardian

10. The very first Apple logo featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, with an apple about to hit his head. It was ditched as its high level of detail didn't really show up when shrunk down on products. Metro

The latest BBC Video News clips

VIDEO: 'Porn made my boyfriend abuse me'

A young woman talks about how her boyfriend's pornography habit led to him abusing her when she was 13.

VIDEO: Scotland's crucial 2015 election role

Opinion surveys are suggesting unprecedented gains for the Scottish National Party in the upcoming general election.

VIDEO: Election 2015 reality check: Tax

The general election campaign has officially kicked off with a claim from the Conservatives that every working family in Britain would pay an extra £3,028 in taxes under a Labour government.

VIDEO: Key election figures brought to life

With just under six weeks to go until polling day the size of the electoral challenge for all the parties is clear.

VIDEO: Fox makes a bid for Downing Street

Journalists waiting outside 10 Downing Street spot a fox, apparently chasing a duck.

VIDEO: Election leaders - little known facts

Rarely heard information about the leaders of the UK's bigger political parties

VIDEO: 148mph M11 biker caught on camera

A motorcyclist carrying a pillion passenger at 148mph along the M11, believed to be the highest ever recorded in the UK, has been banned from driving for 15 months.

VIDEO: Election 2015: What do voters want?

The BBC's Jon Kay has travelled from London to Glasgow, talking to voters about what they want from this election.